About the Project

Located close to the centre of Cambridge, Cambridge Sport Lakes will be one of the country’s largest purpose-built sports facilities and competition venues for rowing, triathlon, BMX, cycling. canoeing, long-distance swimming, equestrian and fishing. The 220-acre multi-use Country Park offers facilities suitable for international competition while at the same time providing a landscaped public park free to people on foot and bicycle.


Principal Outdoor Facilities

  • 3.2 km of multi-lane training water, connected to the River Cam and including a 2 km long international standard competition course
  • A triathlon facility suitable for day-to-day training and hosting all levels of competition
  • A 3-mile long cycle circuit built to international competition standards.
  • A combined competition and training BMX track
  • An angling lake
  • A 2km cantering track
  • A network of cycle paths connecting to Cambridge and Milton Country Park.
  • Educational and nature trails.

Indoor Sports Centre and Boathouse

  • Large boathouse and launching facilities
  • Gymnasium
  • Weights
  • Ergometers
  • Rowing teaching tank
  • Sculling teaching tank
  • Club, conference, research, and crew rooms
  • Crew and coach accommodation
  • Café and dining


Access and Excellence in Outdoor Sports

Cambridge Sport Lakes will substantially increase access to outdoor sports for the local community, the region, and nationally.  Outreach Programmes will provide equipment and training for the public benefit and the Lakes will become a Centre of Sporting Excellence.  The philosophy of Cambridge Sport Lakes is to ensure access to sport for all, irrespective of age, gender, ability, income, ethnic origin or beliefs.  Sporting organisations and the local community have been widely consulted in the design of the Lakes to ensure that the facilities produced are designed for excellence and useable by all.

A Breathing Space for Cambridge

Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust have owned and operated Milton Country Park since 2008, and being adjacent to the Sport Lakes site it will be combined with the Lakes Country Park to form over 300 acres of green space on Cambridge’s doorstep.

The two parks combined will offer more than 150 acres of wooded parkland and 10 miles of bank habitat for the public to enjoy.  It will be a place where people can experience a sense of physical well-being on a daily basis through the pursuit of outdoor recreations.  

Partnering the Community

To ensure that the needs of the region are appreciated, a wide-ranging community has been involved with the development of Cambridge Sport Lakes.  At a local level there is strong involvement from area schools, the University of East Anglia, Cambridge University, Local Authorities, businesses and sport organisations.  At national and international levels, sport-specific national governing bodies, Sport England and international sporting federations have been consulted on Cambridge Sport Lakes.

The Lakes is designed to attract a wide range of paying customers to give a sustainable operating business plan and ensure that fees are accessible to all.  Special events and competitions will add to the varied and vibrant atmosphere and bring thousands of spectators and visitors to the park each year.  Any trading surplus will be put towards educational programmes and the enhancement of facilities.